Renewal Writing Retreat

Stop struggling to write. Retreat to the mountain for RENEWAL. Gain confidence, meet like-minded people and get writing.

Publishing Smarts

Learn the steps to self-publish your book and create a plan to implement it. Technology has created many opportunities for people to self-publish with ease and without breaking the bank. All you need is a computer and the know-how. This workshop will take you through the steps to self-publish your book and help you create … Continued

Our New Website

We have a new website! It’s been a long time coming, but here it is! One of the reasons we felt we needed a change is because we’ve just got so much going on. Between publishing our own books (under our imprint of Pinion Press); helping authors to get their own stories out there through … Continued

Some Publishers

Today’s technology is making book production simple and inexpensive. Anybody can publish a book. But does that qualify them to do so? Some of these people begin publishing companies, joining the ranks of self-publishers and partnership publishers out there who claim they’re about helping authors get their books out into the world. But are they? … Continued

The Publishing Process

Have you ever wondered about the work that goes into transforming a manuscript into a book once a publisher accepts it? It’s not as simple as the publisher saying, Hey, that’s great! and then sending it off to be printed. The publisher will put the manuscript through a rigorous process, usually retaining (either on staff, … Continued


As writers, most of us want to share our stories with a greater audience. Yes, we write for ourselves. But once the story is completed, we want others to read it and enjoy it. But what are we doing to make that a reality? The process we follow to try get our story out there … Continued

Audience Assemble!

Every piece of writing has an audience. It might be a magazine’s readership, or it might just be for yourself when you vent into your diary or write up a shopping list. Words are communication. And we always choose our words and our messages depending on who is meant to receive that communication. Modern marketing … Continued