Have you met my Grief

Chasing Music

In 1992, one woman packed up her life, headed to America and bought herself a little campervan.

She hit the open road travelling 160,000 miles across 48 states, discovering Bluegrass and Cajun music, attending festivals, honky-tonks and rodeos, dancing and romancing, camping in rather strange places.

What started out as an exploration of America, its music, its people, scenery and geography, quickly became a journey of self-discovery. This is her story.

The Wye, the Sep and Pat

Holy Cow

Grace, Grit, Guts

Bent Thumb Thinking

The Road From Emerald Isle To Emerald Hill

Joffa Isn’t That Life?

Love Versus Lust

A Mother’s Love For Her Miracle Twins

The Road to Tralfamadore

ADHD to the Power of Three – The Teenage Years!

Colour Outside the Lines

To Cancer with Love

Conscientious Objection


A Child’s Odyssey

Rebel Doctor


Heartbreak in the Himalayas

The Turbulent Antal Years

Lines of the Times

A History of Saint Margaret’s Church Eltham: Volume I

Volume I: Beginnings to 1888
Geoffrey A Sandy

A History of Saint Margaret’s Church Eltham: Volume II

Volume II: 1899–1944
Geoffrey A Sandy

A History of St Margaret’s Church Eltham: Volume III

Volume III: The Post-War Years – 1945 to 2015

Geoffrey A Sandy

Fat Bob and the Blonde

Miss Heather Ward

Portraits of Inspiration

Business in Heels
Photography by Fi Mims

Retirement … what retirement?

Bill Noonan OAM

Patience and Trust

The Autobiography of a Dog Trainer
Michael Tucker

North Balwyn Tennis Club

Celebrating 50 Years 1962 – 2012

Notes from the 48th North

Isolde Martin

Do You Recall


As I Recall