Blaise van Hecke is co-owner and Publisher at Busybird Publishing.

She is also a writer, who has had articles published in Healthy BodyHealthy Mind, Healthy Spirit, and a variety of magazines about publishing and marketing; stories in the short story anthologies, 13 StoriesMud PuddlesBlue Crow Magazine, and [untitled] issue two, came second in the bi-annual short story competition with the Society of Women Writers of Victoria 2007 for her story ‘The Eleventh Summer’; and is the author of the memoir  The Road to Tralfamadore is Bathed in River Waterthe nonfiction guide The Book Book: 12 steps to successful publishing, and the children’s book Who is a Cheeky Monkey? 

Blaise  blogs as The Book Chick and was previously the president of the Society of Women Writers (Victoria). She is currently a member of the Nillumbik Arts Advisory, where she is an advocate for writing and publishing in the community.

She runs various workshops for Busybird about writing, editing, and publishing, and is popularly in demand for talks about publishing in general.

What Blaise loves most is nurturing an author through the self-publishing process, and the look on their face when they finally have their book in their hands.

Kev Howlett is co-owner and Studio Manager at Busybird Publishing. He is an illustrator and photographer and worked for thirty years in the commercial photographic industry.

He spends a lot of time taking photographs on his travels and plans to create a picture book for each city of the world. He’s had many of his photographs published in magazines and brochures, and has also illustrated several children’s books. Kev is responsible for the covers of all of Busybird’s internal publications, and also for many of the self-published titles

Kev’s passion is all things visually creative – photography, design and illustration.

In 2014, Kev hiked up to Mount Everest Base Camp and back, taking pictures for the gorgeous, full-colour photographic coffee-table book Walk With Me, which raised awareness for the condition CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease) and money for CMTA Australia.

Les Zigomanis is Publications Manager and Chief Editor at Busybird Publishing.

He has worked as a freelance editor for various publishers and authors, and is the chief editor and co-creator of [untitled].

He’s also the author of the novels Song of the Curlew, The Shadow in the Wind, August Falling, Just Another Week in Suburbia, Pride, and the instructional guide The Launch Book. He has had stories and articles published in various print and digital journals, several unpublished novels and a number of unproduced screenplays shortlist and place in awards, and three screenplays optioned. He blogs regularly for Busybird Publishing about writing, editing, and publishing; and also runs a blog on his own website (

Shell Brave is the Promotions Coordinator at Busybird Publishing.

Professionally, Shell specialises in events management for the hospitality industry, industry associations and book publishing. She has a passion for old fashioned customer service and has a drive for getting things done. In her spare time, Shell enjoys gym exercise, bush walking, true stories, song lyric writing and practicing one of her three banjos

She holds a Master’s in Biography and Life Writing and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from Monash University. She is an oral historian and a former committee member of the Oral History Association of Victoria.

Oscar is the morale officer at Busybird Publishing. Besides smacking constantly of cuteness, he goes from desk to desk, bringing company and asking for little in return other than the occasional pat and scratch of his belly. His specialty is charging the door whenever it opens, barking in his deep baritone, while also wagging his tail excitedly.

Around lunchtime, Oscar will check out what you’re eating, and sit by you with big, imploring eyes, asking for just a taste. He’s also known to go foraging in bags for food … or anything chewable. Oscar’s plans for the future are to chew, eat, and run around more.

We also use a pod of freelance editors whom we personally train to be insightful, careful, and empathetic with what the author is trying to accomplish in their work. We try to match the editor to the project, finding the right person for you.