Books have their own personality. The moment you pick one up, you’ll have a first impression. If it’s favourable, it endears you further to the book. You’ll investigate it further.

But if your first impression isn’t favourable … well, what happens? Normally, you’d put the book down, as if it’s become distasteful.

There could be a number of reasons this happens, ranging from the book looking garish to it looking unprofessional.


There is an art to the presentation of text, from the choice of the font, to the headings and running headers and page numbers, to the space in the very margins themselves.

A good book is subtly about beauty and elegance, and seduces the reader without them even being aware that it’s happening.

Layout isn’t something that can be done by just anybody. There is industry-standard software that every designer uses for layout. Printers require text formatted to specifications.

If you’re interested in having your book laid out, why not contact us? Or book an appointment to talk to us. We can discuss the sort of look you want your book to have, and we will quote you a price on layout.

Cover Design

Never judge a book by its cover.

That’s what we’re taught. But we do just that. We judge books by their covers. They are the first thing that will attract a reader and convince them to pick up the book.

But what makes a good cover? How does it reflect both the content and the author? You might have no idea. You might have a good idea.

Our designers will work with you to create a cover that is alluring, a reflection of what you want, and is the epitome of your book.


Regardless of where you’re submitting your work, most organisations have formatting requirements that must be followed. Whether it’s a report for uni, or a story to a magazine, or a novel to a publisher, our typing can polish and showcase your work to give it a professional edge.

We also format existing texts to specifications.