Ash and Destiny enjoy a happy life in Melbourne with their young son, Tomas, a large and slightly dysfunctional family, a successful art gallery, and Destiny’s new exhibition about to debut. But everything changes for Ash on one extremely hot Summer Solstice when a car crash leaves his family shattered.

Waking in hospital Ash knows his whole life has been flipped on its head and his long journey to adjusting to loss and pain is just about to begin. But as time passes both Ash and Destiny struggle to return to their normal life in Melbourne.

When all seems to be lost and stagnating in their lives, the option to move to country Victoria presents itself. An unlikely move for the city-dwelling couple turns into a new and rejuvenating experience that is the start of a new family, connection to old family, and a healing process for all, despite more disasters looming in the distance.

‘A touching and beautiful novel of life, love and family.’
– Ryan O’Neill
Their Brilliant Careers
2017 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Fiction

‘A shimmering portrait of grief and love, art and life.’
– Kim Lock
The Other Side of Beautiful


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