Hello from Kev, Oscar and Blaise.

Blaise and Kev met in 1986 at photography college, where they both completed an Advanced Diploma in Art & Photography. They travelled together for 12 months as backpackers in 1990 before officially getting married in 1991. Their two sons where born and they worked together to build a life.

Kev worked in the commercial photography industry for 20 years, while Blaise concentrated on freelance work, then went to study editing & publishing at Melbourne Polytechnic because she wanted to write a novel.

With their combined skills and talents, Busybird Publishing was born in 2009, the first publication being [untitled]. This anthology was very much the brain child of Blaise and Les Zig, who wanted to help new and emerging writers find their writing voice.

We wanted to create a community hub for creatives with publishing services as well as open mic nights, book events and workshops. A place for like-minded people to hang out.


Over the past twelve years, Busybird Publishing has worked with over 600 people to publish their work with thanks to a fantastic team of editors and designers and an awesome community.

At Busybird Publishing we facilitate great writing practice for writers through workshops, mentoring, and writing retreats. We also hold your hand through the publishing journey to share your story (no matter what genre) with the world.

Our imprint, Pinion Press, publishes a handful of our own titles yearly. Pinion Press’s books usually have an altruistic outcome, where a portion of proceeds will go to a charity, cause or foundation. Proceeds of our books have gone to cancer foundations, the CMTA Association, the Epilepsy Foundation, and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The publishing game can be confusing, but with the right help, it can be simple, easy, and fun. That’s why Busybird Publishing offers fee-for-service publishing. Busybird Publishing has helped over 600 authors self-publish while having a rewarding, educational, and pleasurable journey in the process. What’s more, Busybird’s authors come out of the experience with a book they’re proud of.

I have no hesitations in recommending Busybird Publishing to anyone who is intending to write their first self-published book.

Laurence Sergovich, The Undercover Mission

At Busybird Publishing we aim to educate and inspire writers to share their story (no matter what form or genre) with the world. You can start by checking out our blogs and newsletters for great resources, or attend a workshop to get a better understanding of what you need, how publishing works, and what your next steps might be.

Thank you to the team at Busybird Publishing for all your professional and friendly help in publishing my first book Beyond The Schoolyard.

Debbie Rossi, Beyond the Schoolyard

You may already have all of that knowledge and just want to get started. Our staff are happy to chat with you about your project. Call us on (03 9434 6365) to talk to Blaise, our director of publishing, to see how we can help. Otherwise take a look at our Packages. Keep in mind that these Packages are fully customisable, and serve as a starting point to work out what publishing services you may need.

Authors who choose to self-publish with us retain 100% publishing rights and royalties, while also having complete control of the creative process, whether they’re looking to publish in print or as an ebook. The book(s) can be printed anywhere in the world and take advantage of global distribution using print on demand (POD).

Who uses Busybird Publishing?

  • First-time authors who don’t know how to publish.
  • Writers of poetry, children’s books, memoir, biography, fiction and non-fiction.
  • Authors who want someone to take care of the management of their book publishing.
  • Entrepreneurs/business owners who want to leverage their business through a book.
  • Published authors who are tired of mainstream publishing and want to take control of their work.
  • Serious writers who would like global distribution of their book.
  • Family history/genealogy/memoir writers who only need a few copies for family and friends.
  • Authors who enjoyed the experienced previously and come back again.

The experience of writing a book and putting it all together can be overwhelming. However, with the team at Busybird Publishing, the experience was fantastic. They provide the steps and tools to make the process smooth.

Claudia Navarro, The Power of Engagement

Let Busybird Publishing help YOU tell YOUR story!

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