You want to write a book, or you’re writing and you’re struggling. You’re enthusiastic, you’re determined, and you know you have a story to tell.

The problem is you keep hitting obstacles. You don’t know how to flesh out and compartmentalise your content. You don’t know anything about structure. You don’t know anything about prose. There are just a few of the questions that bug you. Each time a question pops up, it confuses and frustrates you. It makes you want to give up.

If only there was a way somebody could help you write your book!

Well, there is.

At Busybird, we have three different writing pathways designed to accommodate your writing lifestyle, and help you tell your story.

Overnight Author

How would you like to write your book in a single weekend?

With Overnight Author, we hold weekend retreats where we arm you with the information you need to plan, structure, and write your book.

Then record it, and away you go!

We’ll transcribe your completed manuscript, then assign you an editor.

Ideal for: people short on time who want their book immediately, or are ready to go and want a fast turnaround.

16 Week Write-to-Publish

Even though you want to take more time with your book, you’re unsure you have the focus or knowledge to finish it.

With our 16-Week Write-to-Publish Program, we’ll assign you a book buddy mentor who’ll help you plan your book, periodically check in with you, talk about your content, and help you whenever you get stuck.

Over the course of 16 weeks, the book buddy will make sure that you finish your manuscript, and have it ready to go into editing.

Ideal for: the more temperate writer, who wants to take their time writing their book, but have a moderate deadline.

12-Month Masterclass

Life may be too hectic for any sort of quick turnaround. But you want to write your book. And you’re prepared to be patient, writing when you can. But you do want to finish. You want a deadline.

With our 12-Month Masterclass, we’ll sit down and plan your book, and map out a writing timetable with you. We’ll assign you a book buddy who’ll check in with you periodically to ensure that you’re hitting your word counts. If you have any problems, you can contact your book buddy at any time.

With our help and your diligence, we’ll make sure that you complete your manuscript within 12 months, and have it ready for editing.

Ideal for: writers who are time-poor and can only write sporadically, but still want a finish line imposed on them.

Every pathway comes with a publishing package so that you can get your book out into the world!

Full Publishing Package

  • Book set up
  • Project management/full author support
  • ISBN/barcode registrations
  • Copyedit of final manuscript for grammar, spelling, and readability
  • Design and layout of cover
  • Design and layout of internals of book
  • (Inc up to 15 images supplied by you)
  • Promotional materials: 100 bookmarks/20 flyers (A5)/5 posters (A3)
  • Social media guide
  • Launch guide
  • Library deposit
  • Full control of royalties and copyright (no commission to us)
  • Ebook creation and upload to Amazon for sales
  • Print on Demand set up
  • Book sales set up for global distribution
  • Press release
  • Back cover blurb
  • Author photo (optional)
  • 40 printed books (colour cover, B&W internals)