We offer various specialised short-form and long-form writing services.

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But here’s just a few of the things we do …


Ever picked up a book, read the blurb on the back, and wondered who’s written that? Nowadays, the responsibility falls on the author.

Many find writing a blurb difficult. How do you summarise tens of thousands of words into two hundred? How do you hook the casual browser without giving too much away? How do you champion the content? How do you sell yourself?

Writing a good blurb is becoming an art, and one of the specialties of our writers here at Busybird Publishing.


The lifeblood of any product’s hope to enjoy saleability is in its copy.

Good copy is as persuasive as it is informative, and can help market your product so that it reaches its target audience.

Whether you need copy for your website, or for promotional material – such as flyers or pamphlets – Busybird Publishing has the copywriter for you.


Have a story you want to tell? Maybe you want to pen a memoir about some episode in your life? Or perhaps you want to range further, and release an autobiography? Possibly you want to explore the origins of your family history. Whatever the case, we have a range of skilled and experienced writers who are capable of ghostwriting to undertake any project you desire.