The Owl Package

You’re a serious writer confident in your manuscript.  You’re confident you’ve addressed issues in the content and you have a story – whether it’s fiction or nonfiction – that’s tight and holds together cohesively.  It’s a good book.  But there are other requirements: the copy’s not the best, and you want a presence on the … Continued


The Raven Package

You want your book to be sleek and the copy professionally edited and designed. The Raven package will give you all you need to set yourself up for author success.

You have your book and you want to publish, but you want more than that.  Writing is something you take seriously, and you understand that there’s more to this publishing caper than simply getting a book printed.  You want to build a presence.  It’s not just about becoming an author but, in a way, becoming a brand.  You want everybody to not only know about your book, but also about you, the author.  You want to make a splash and give yourself the best chance possible of succeeding.


The Sparrow Package

So you have a book and want to get it out into the world, minus all the bells and whistles.  You’ve had it edited.  It’s polished.  Or you’ve gone over and over and over it yourself.  You don’t think you could get it any better. All you need are the very basics, those nitpicky administrative … Continued


  Sparrow Raven Owl
Printed copies of book 10 20 50
Project Management
Author support
Choice of 3 trim sizes
Library deposit
Cover design
Cover layout
Interior book design & layout
Full control of sales and royalties
You retain all rights
Copyediting of FULL manuscript  
Choice of Gloss or Matte Cover  
3d book image  
Ebook creation  
Image insertions/text treatment (up to 12 images you provide)  
Book launch guide  
Print on demand set up    
Editorial assessment    
Ebook upload to Amazon    
Press release    
Social media set-up guide    
Author bio    
Back Cover Blurb    
Connection to bookshops    
Connection to libraries    
Connection to book publicist    
Connection to book distributor    
  $3,150 $4,795 $6,950
Fees are calculated for manuscripts up to 50,000 words. Extra charges may apply for longer manuscripts.