So you have a book and want to get it out into the world, minus all the bells and whistles.  You’ve had it edited.  It’s polished.  Or you’ve gone over and over and over it yourself.  You don’t think you could get it any better. All you need are the very basics, those nitpicky administrative things that you’re not so good with, or that you’d simply like bundled.  If only somebody could take care of it all!

Well, if this sounds like you, then our Sparrow Package is ideal.  It’s designed as the simplest chaperone to get your book published.  But before choosing it, make sure that your book is the best you can make it.  You have one chance to make a great impression – don’t waste it.

But if you’re sure you’re ready to go and know exactly what you want, what you require, then the Sparrow is for you!


  • Project management and author support (we’ll hold your hand)
  • Registration of an ISBN and barcode
  • Choice of book size
  • Library deposit
  • Cover design and layout
  • Internal design and layout
  • Global distribution for sales
  • 100% control
  • 100% royalties
  • 100% copyright

Please note that packages are calculated on books up to 50,000 words. Extra charges will apply for longer manuscripts.

Each package comes with one proof copy of your book.

Print runs are charged separately, as unit costs vary depending on the type of book produced.

However, we do not commit authors to unnecessary big print runs, and will often use print-on-demand, printing only as many books as an author needs at any given time.

Please note: Almost all our authors will customise packages, choosing what they need from our wide range of services, and dismissing what they don’t. We use these packages as templates to give you an idea what we offer.


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