A Community of Readers

If I asked you what the literacy rate in Australia is, you might respond by saying that most Australians can read well. The fact is that 46% of Australian’s do not have good enough literacy skills to do what many take for granted, such as reading a bus timetable, understanding instructions on a medicine bottle … Continued

Audiobooks vs Print Books

Confessions of an Audiobook Listener Audiobooks feel like cheating, like somehow listening is easier than reading. I am always careful not to laugh or pull faces when listening in public and when chatting about books, it feels like a lie to say, ‘At the moment I’m reading …’ but embarrassing to admit the truth. If … Continued

The Power of Passion

Our book, Journey: Experiences with Breast Cancer is important to us for many reasons. Most importantly, it’s a book with very valuable content about a topic that we feel strongly about. But aside from that, it’s the fact that we feel that we can make a difference to readers and writers alike. Let me explain. … Continued