Open Mic Night

Open mic night is a great social event but also a great way to improve your speaking and performing skills. This is vital to improve your following if you intend to publish books.

Hurdles, Hope and COVID Era Publishing

We had a place, a designated café that we always used for interviews. Decent coffee, if not overpriced, with a trendy postgrad hangout vibe. It was February 2020, and my third year as an editor for Antithesis, the postgraduate arts and humanities journal for the University of Melbourne. After working my way up, I had … Continued

Why Join a Book Club?

Not quite the ceremonious circling of people, stereotypically women; tea in hand, books on lap, a patchwork of cardigans encircling their way around the coffee table in hues of reds and whites – although it certainly can be this, who’s to say otherwise – but a wonderful opportunity for different minds to connect together over … Continued

Happy Reading!

Last night was Busybird’s first Open Mic Night for 2018! Many writers scoff at the thought of public readings. We’ve had clients ring who want to publish a book, and then do nothing whatsoever to promote that book after its publication. Well, here’s the truth: the book isn’t going to promote itself. It’s not going … Continued

Get Reading

Busybird Publishing is always interested in trying to be socially conscious. Our anthologies were initially designed to give new and emerging writers exposure. Our books will usually give a portion of proceeds to a charity and/or foundation, and/or will help to raise awareness for a cause. We run workshops on photography, writing, and publishing, and … Continued

Learning Your Craft

Stimulus is important in a writer’s development. You need to be constantly exposed to new information to evolve. Obvious avenues are residencies, workshops, and schooling. Here, you should be flooded with new information that challenges what you know and compels you to grow. Experience is another great teacher. As writers, you’re writing about things that … Continued

The Reason Why

The definition of the word writing denotes it to sound like such a plain, everyday concept; as in the context of writing an email or writing your name. The people who see writing just as that are missing out. They obviously don’t experience the need to get words down on paper, to craft, to create. … Continued

Being a Busybird – Chocolate Biscuits Included

For several weeks now I have been interning at Busybird Publishing, a small publishing house run by husband and wife super duo, Blaise van Hecke and Kev Howlett. This place has a big heart and lots of chocolate biscuits. The experience here so far has just been fantastic. I’ve been able to address a lot … Continued