Overnight Author

Are you imagination-rich but time-poor? Do you have an idea for a book, but just don’t know how you’re going to fit writing it into your busy lifestyle? Or perhaps you’re a shooting star, wanting to write and finish your book while your enthusiasm is streaking across the sky. With our Overnight Author, spend a … Continued

How to Write a Self-Help or Business Book (ONLINE)

Do you work in a health field? Have you learned about how to create good physical health? Or perhaps you’re about cultivating good mental health? Or maybe you know how people can reinvent their life? Have you got a tonne of great business knowledge that you’d like to share with other business owners who might … Continued

The Guide to Writing Coaching Books – Part 2 of 3

Avoid repetition Repetition might work for midnight infomercials, where the presenter is saying to you, ‘But, wait, there’s more!’ But TV is a visual medium where repetition works as an assault to gain attention. In reading you already have your audience’s attention. The reader would not have picked up your book unless they were interested … Continued

The Story YOU Want to Tell

Lots of people are interested in writing memoir. And, because it’s memoir, they think it’s going to be easy. The whole story’s there, isn’t it? You just have to now put it down on the page. But memoir doesn’t work like that – and this applies if you’re writing autobiography, a biography of somebody else, … Continued

Karma Kinglake Writing Retreat

After driving through winding roads and wondering if you’re going the right way, you see it emerge from the gum trees: Karma Kinglake, a rustic house rebuilt from the ashes of Black Saturday. There’s an old-style charm about it, a character that welcomes you and tells you that you’re going to be in for something … Continued


What is creativity? To me, a creative life is meaningful and I wouldn’t exist without it. And in my mind, everyone is creative in some way because it’s a form of expression. But how do we define it? A limited definition of creativity would prevent many people from appreciating their own potential. It isn’t about … Continued