Profile: Saffire-Rose Fletcher

Tell us a bit about yourself …
I’m a singer/songwriter of eight years in total, I’ve studied counselling and applied it to two non-fiction books infused with my love of philosophy and my overall life story.

My life purpose is to help people feel less alone with growing pains, adversities and to encourage more self love in the world.

What draws you to writing?
I originally started writing poems to express the emotions that I was suppressing during my day to day life.

Little did I know those words would attribute to songs and furthermore, books.

So tell us about your books?
My books are about my life story, alongside my love of psychology and philosophy.

Both books, Maybe I Can Rise Above and Revive My Life, are built on the honest foundations of the human condition and how I’ve navigated my way through a tumultuous life.

Where did the ideas come from?
The idea came from journaling.

I originally wrote diary entries from the beginning in order to ascertain why I turned out the way I did and how to correct my life. Then I decided one day, I’m going to make it a book.

Little did I know I’d be writing two in a short period of time.

What’s the story you’re trying to tell?
How to break generational patterns and evoke more self love, despite what the word encourages us to reject about ourselves.

I want to highlight that we’re still enough, no matter what stage we’re at in life.

And what do you hope your readers draw from your writing?
To love themselves, to be gentle with their growing pains and to know that they’re not alone.

What’s your writing process?
Life experience and applying it to word document *cheeky grin*.

Tell us one thing about your book, or your writing process, that nobody else knows.
My publisher/editor endures a lot of audio notes of me crying and questioning particular sections that I’m uncertain should remain in my book. Lol.

What are you working on next?
I have a new song that I’ll be recording in the studio called ‘Save Yourself’. I’m very excited.

When readers talk about you as an author, what do you hope they’re saying?
I just care that I’m helping people feel less alone out there.

Any advice for other writers?
Be brave. Don’t hold it all in.


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