What is creativity? To me, a creative life is meaningful and I wouldn’t exist without it. And in my mind, everyone is creative in some way because it’s a form of expression.

But how do we define it? A limited definition of creativity would prevent many people from appreciating their own potential. It isn’t about the Arts. You don’t have to paint, draw, write or play a musical instrument.

So, what does a person need to pursue a creative life, and why do we need it? I think that an open and curious mind is all you need. And to be creative, or innovative, in the currentĀ economic climate equals survival.


2 responses to “Creativity

  1. I think part of creativity is a re-interpretation of self. A lot of my characters have me in them. Not wholly. But bits and pieces. Things which have happened to me happen to them. It’s almost a way of working yourself out, unraveling yourself, and making sense from the pieces.

  2. Creativity is life’s greatest paradox. Society encourages and ultimately demands that we learn self-discipline at an early age via routine and this chemistry ultimately matures into conformity (or the ‘C’ word as it’s known in creative circles). Creativity is often suppressed by ‘the system’ which results in the creativer becoming confused, lost and eventually depressed.
    The lords and masters of our adult life i.e. the employer, circle us as a kelpie surrounding the flock, demanding complete brainwashing obedience until the day of promotion when the sheep must instantly ‘think outside the box’ which is tyrannical latin for ‘be creative’!
    Those who choose the creative way of life are branded with prejudicial labels such as ‘drifter’ or ‘non-conformist’ and become instant members of a mythical society known as ‘rent-a-crowd’ whenever they protest against the system’s culture or practices.

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