The Competition Game

Competitions are exciting. We all want to be recognised. We want our work to be lauded. We want that celebration to spread across the publishing industry and consumer market and let people know we (and our work) exist. We want to mean something. Then you have the practical output: competitions can lead to goodies, like … Continued

How I used the Busybird Creative Fellowship – AC Watson

In December 2015 I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Busybird Creative Fellowship. The fellowship aims to help an emerging writer through their current project. For me, this meant developing my skills as a writer, starting my own writing group, meeting a vast network of amazing people, and ultimately, bringing my novel up … Continued

Editing Anthologies

‘Being a literary major, I’ve always been told to think outside the words on the page in front of me; to see their effect, to see their purpose, and to understand their importance. I’ve always believed that the most important thing about the words on those pages is that someone found value in them, enough … Continued

P17 Issue 12 – Release and Competition Shortlists

Earlier this week, page seventeen had its Issue 12 celebration as part of Busybird’s Open Mic Night. We had a full house and a lot of fun. Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended and helped us give a hurrah to the latest issue of our little periodical. You can view the highlights of the … Continued

Page Seventeen 2015 Competition Shortlists

It’s been months in the making, but we’re finally closing in on the release of Issue 12 of page seventeen. And how do we always kick off this last leg? Why, by announcing the competition shortlists of course! The entries here have been selected from all the competition short story and poetry entries to feature … Continued

An Update on P17 #12

Page seventeen’s submission window for the 2015 issue is still ticking along and taking submissions (as well as waiting for yours if you haven’t submitted yet!). But in the meantime, we have a couple of announcements on the new issue … don’t worry, nothing bad. You might even nod approvingly. Firstly, it didn’t seem fair … Continued

The Beginning

Page seventeen has the specific focus of providing a home for new writers to have something published. Through both general submissions and competitions, the annual collection invites every individual looking to really make something of their own writing, and still feels new to the game, to submit to us and see if their gamble has … Continued

Page Seventeen, Issue 12

Yes, page seventeen is once again a thing, and shortly we will be opening our submission window again. The opening date is only a week away! One of the defining developments of last year’s issue was how page seventeen’s motivations and identity were placed into sharper focus. Page seventeen has always been about promoting new … Continued