Page Seventeen, Issue 12

line-218786_1280Yes, page seventeen is once again a thing, and shortly we will be opening our submission window again. The opening date is only a week away!

One of the defining developments of last year’s issue was how page seventeen’s motivations and identity were placed into sharper focus. Page seventeen has always been about promoting new and emerging writers by giving them a place to publish their work, but other aspects of the periodical’s reason-for-being were given greater consideration and explored in previous articles on this blog. We even have the customary soundbites to show for it. Embracing the new. A home for emerging writers. Winter is coming. (Wait – that last one might be from somewhere else.)

Page seventeen remained fairly stable and static for its first ten issues. It was establishing a recognisable brand with clear intentions. For its eleventh issue, there was a greater enthusiasm for change and versatility, even in smaller aspects such as updating the issue’s layout. That’s a trend I hope to continue into the twelfth issue, as page seventeen adapts to reach its current audience – and its expanding sphere of potential readers – in the best possible way. Not just to entertain readers, but to promote writers who deserve to have an audience for their work.

Which is why we will be making the latest issue of page seventeen an exclusively electronic edition. The issue will be essentially the same in all other respects, with the only major difference thus far being that page seventeen is taking the plunge and moving into the digital age. We’ll also be kicking off our transition with the release of our long-promised e-edition of page seventeen #11 – it’s coming soon, so stay tuned for the announcement.

Below you’ll find the general summary of all the entry categories and competitions on offer for Issue 12. Soon we’ll also announce finer details such as the judges for this year’s competitions, so watch this space and follow along on our Facebook or Twitter profiles if you aren’t already.

All stories, poetry and articles should be submitted to page seventeen through Submittable. All submissions should be doc, docx, pdf or rtf file formats; images for the cover comp should be jpg or gif. Please contact us as if you have any questions.

Are you interested in submitting for the new issue? You won’t have to wait long for the opportunity. Our submission window for 2015 is Friday 1 May – Friday 3 July. That’s two months of time to mould your work into the best it can be, and maybe give us the opportunity to show it to the world.

*             *             *

General Submission:

  • No entry fee
  • Unthemed
  • Short stories up to 5000 words, poetry up to 100 lines
  • Submit via our General Submittable portal. Link will be active here from May 1st.

Non-Fiction Submissions:

  • We favour ‘craft of writing’ as a general theme, but we’ll consider all articles.
  • Articles up to 5000 words
  • Submit via our General Submittable portal. Link will be active here from May 1st.

Short Story and Poetry Competitions:

  • Entry fee structure is $8 for one entry, $15 for two entries and $20 for three entries.
  • Unthemed
  • Short stories up to 3000 words, poetry up to 60 lines
  • Winners of each category (Short Story, and Poetry) will win $200, runners-up will be awarded $100. All shortlisted entries will be published in P17 #12.
  • Submit via our Competition Submittable portal. Link will be active here from May 1st.

Cover Competition:

  • Entry fee is $10, which allows up to five images to be submitted for consideration.
  • There is no theme or criteria for the style of submitted images. Entrants are encouraged to see covers of page seventeen’s recent issues but we encourage that submissions do not need to be limited by precedent.
  • The winning image will be used as the front cover for page seventeen #12, and will be regularly implemented, unaltered, in promotional material for page seventeen and Busybird Publishing.
  • Submit via our Competition Submittable portal. Link will be active here from May 1st.

*             *             *

In a week we open the gates and welcome all authors, poets, photographers, writers, artists, scribblers, doodlers and general dreamers to share their work with us. Good luck to everyone who submits to us. I hope you’re looking forward to seeing what the latest issue of page seventeen has to offer – I know I’m looking forward to putting it together.

Beau Hillier | Editor, page seventeen

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