Fiction Masterclass

There is more to storytelling than just spilling your imagination onto the page. What is the three-act structure? How does structure compartmentalise a story? What is a structural map? There’s plotting and subplotting. And characters. What makes for an interesting character? What is an arc? What do readers expect from a character? What is pacing? … Continued

[untitled] is back!

Hey, writers, Klurisa here, the new chief editor of [untitled], letting you know [untitled] is back! (Whoah! – the crowd goes wild). Oh! I love a great short story. Don’t you? Some of my favourite reads are short stories. And, honestly, I’m not swayed by genre. I love all sorts, from horror to romance, sci-fi to fantasy, … Continued

The Fallacy of Inspiration

In his excellent memoir, On Writing, Stephen King compares writing a story to discovering an artefact – you discover the story idea, but it’s encased in mud and dirt, and it’s through writing and revision that you chip away all the muck to reveal as much of the story as possible. It’s a worthwhile analogy … Continued

Issue Seven Launches!

It’s a story that many of our regular readers will be familiar with: way back towards the end of 2008, a group of us – four writers and one illustrator/photographer – bandied about ideas for a new anthology. Frustrated by the lack of opportunity for mainstream writing, we wanted something open to popular fiction. If … Continued

Ten Excuses

Everybody has a reason for why they don’t pursue what they want to do. With writers, it seems these reasons are even readier. Talk to many writers, ask them how they’re going, and they’ll tell you why they haven’t progressed. It’s not their fault, though. Something’s come up. But they’ll get to it. When there’s … Continued

Courtesy Costs Nothing … Again

As everybody would know, we have just announced the [untitled] short story longlist. We received submissions for said competition through Submittable, a submission engine that more and more publishers, journals, and competitions are using. Submittable allows you to track where your submissions are, and will tell you where they stand: ‘Received’, ‘In-Progress’, ‘Accepted’, ‘Declined’, or … Continued

Getting Organised: Part II

Your Folders   Last week’s blog might’ve seemed absurdly condescending, but it’s astounding the amount of writers who don’t think ahead when it comes to the administration of their files. They’re so focused on the act of writing that it’s almost as if they believe the rest will take care of itself. It’s not just … Continued