Busybird Creative Fellowship

The Busybird Fellowship is an initiative designed to help an emerging writer through their tentative steps into the industry, providing a mix of: actual cash ($500): always useful, whether it’s for those pesky supplies we need as writers (e.g. laptop, printer ink, paper, tea) or just to use to blow off some steam and experience … Continued

How I Used the Busybird Creative Fellowship: Maryanne Eve

This year I was the lucky recipient of the 2017 Busybird Publishing Creative Fellowship. As an aspiring writer, I love to write, although all I’ve had published is a handful of articles for a sporting magazine years ago. I’m most certainly a complete novice, so I was overwhelmed and so very grateful to be awarded … Continued

How I Used the Busybird Creative Fellowship: Angus Watson

When I applied for the Busybird Creative Fellowship, I had just finished the first draft of my novel. I didn’t know much about styles, grammar, or even the industry. But I had a 90,000-word novel, which I thought the world of. I attended Busybird’s Open Mic nights (I urge everybody to do the same, even … Continued

The Busybird Creative Fellowship Opens Today!

When you’re initially finding your way as a writer or artist, trial and error often shapes your path. You’re oblivious to literary communities and usually brimming with naivety. It’s natural. Like a child stumbling out into the world, unaware of all the dangers. And whilst experience is often a great educator, it can also set … Continued

The Fellowship of the Wing

At 7.00 pm, on Wednesday night 18th of February, Busybird’s Open Mic Night returns for 2015. Regular readers of this blog or our newsletter will know our spiel: Open Mic Night is a great way to see how your material connects with a live audience, to meet and chat with like-minded people, and simply to … Continued