So you want to write and publish a book?

Congratulations! There are three ways that you can go about writing and publishing a book: Just blunder forth. Unfortunately, it’s extremely likely – if not certain – you’ll run into problems you don’t know how to solve. If you try to muddle through them, you’re likelier to stumble into (or create) bigger problems. Employ a … Continued

Writing Self-Help – The Fundamentals

What does it take to write a self-help book? Lots of people blunder into it, thinking it’s just about getting everything out onto the page. Then that’s it. But this is tantamount to writing a novel without structure and direction. It’ll bore readers or be hard to follow. Readers will then disengage and put the … Continued

20-20 Foresight

This is the last blog for 2019! Busybird is closing tomorrow, Friday 20th December, at 1.00pm, and will reopen Monday, 13th January, at 9.00am. During the break, we want you to think about your writing. Did you write the book that you wanted to write in 2019? If so, great! Fantastic! Well done! Did you … Continued

Your Voice Matters

When you read, you hear the narrative in your head. The voice you hear won’t be the idealised version of your own – you know the one you hear in your head when you’re rehearsing what you’re going to say to somebody? Like if you’re preparing for an argument with an internet provider, or a … Continued

How to Write a Business Book

Do you own or run a business? Are you an entrepreneur? You’ve got lots of experience, you’ve navigated obstacles, you’ve ultimately triumphed, and now you have something to offer others who are just starting out, or who are struggling. You have a methodology that could teach countless others how to succeed. Why not write a … Continued

Open Mic Night

Busybird Publishing holds Open Mic Nights the third Wednesday of every month (excluding January and December).

Book Writing Boot Camp

Do you want to write a book? It could be anything – a novel; nonfiction; self-help; biography; a business, community, or organisation’s history; or it could even be something totally different! And now you want to get it out into the world? Busybird Publishing’s Book-Writing Boot Camp is about arming you with the tools you … Continued

The Publishing Landscape

We periodically put up blogs like this one to educate authors about the publishing landscape. There are two legitimate streams of publishing: Traditional Publishing: you submit to a publisher. They will judge if (they believe) your book is worth publishing. If they accept you, they take all the financial risk to publish you. They will … Continued