Having Played My Part

I’ve been the head editor of page seventeen since it came to Busybird in 2011. Since that time we’ve released four books across five years – all exhibiting work from emerging writers and first-timers with something to say. They’ve been wildly diverse collections. Rarely have we published the same author twice. Rarely have we sunk … Continued

Page Seventeen #12

In case you haven’t heard, let me shout it anew: the latest issue of page seventeen is now available in paperback form. You might be aware that Issue 12 was the first page seventeen to be produced as a digital edition. Which is awesome. But page seventeen has always been about having that physical copy … Continued

Audience Assemble!

Every piece of writing has an audience. It might be a magazine’s readership, or it might just be for yourself when you vent into your diary or write up a shopping list. Words are communication. And we always choose our words and our messages depending on who is meant to receive that communication. Modern marketing … Continued

P17 Issue 12 – Release and Competition Shortlists

Earlier this week, page seventeen had its Issue 12 celebration as part of Busybird’s Open Mic Night. We had a full house and a lot of fun. Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended and helped us give a hurrah to the latest issue of our little periodical. You can view the highlights of the … Continued

P17 Issue 12 Launch and Mic Night

Once again we’re ready to unleash another issue of page seventeen upon the public. Are you excited? You should be excited. It’s another heady mix of prose and poetry from talented new writers alongside established veterans of writing. It’s got mystery, intrigue, alcoholism, teapots. What’s not to get excited about? So here we have it: … Continued

It’s Not a Marathon

We are writers. So what does that mean? We write. Simple at that, really. There can be a lot of build-up around ‘being a writer’ – it’s mostly harmless validation, if maybe a touch self-aggrandising at times. All the descriptor really means is that we define ourselves by creating content – by writing. That’s easy … Continued

Page Seventeen 2015 Competition Shortlists

It’s been months in the making, but we’re finally closing in on the release of Issue 12 of page seventeen. And how do we always kick off this last leg? Why, by announcing the competition shortlists of course! The entries here have been selected from all the competition short story and poetry entries to feature … Continued

The Evolving Idea II: Adaptation

Last year I waxed lyrical on how ideas can evolve and change over time, even within a single short story that can become something totally different to its original intention. I was mostly talking about a single project going through its own individual course of development, but the natural progression from that is the idea … Continued