Respecting the Craft

When talking to people at parties, usually one question is always asked: ‘What do you do?’ Now here’s how these conversations never turn out: Person #1: ‘I’m a brain surgeon.’ Person #2: ‘Really? I’ve got an idea for a brain surgery I’d like to try one day.’ Person #1: ‘I’m in bomb disposal.’ Person #2: … Continued

The Value of a Manuscript Assessment

Authors often comes to us, asking what means they could employ to improve their manuscript. There’s editing, which would look at the manuscript in terms of structure or copy (or a combination of both). There are also workshops, although they’re designed more to improve the writer’s skills, which they will then apply to their manuscript. … Continued


The anthology – as a concept – doesn’t get the acclaim it truly deserves. A single-authored anthology allows that author to explore different forms and different subjects. It gives the reader a chance to see the author experiment. That doesn’t necessarily happen with a book. A book might be (for example) a third-person linear narrative … Continued

Finding Authenticity

It’s not unusual to hear of actors who gain weight to play a larger character. Or for them to intensely research a role. Or that they won’t break character, even when not filming. More than just playing that part, they want to be that character. In that case, they’re not acting. They live the role. … Continued

Some Publishers

Today’s technology is making book production simple and inexpensive. Anybody can publish a book. But does that qualify them to do so? Some of these people begin publishing companies, joining the ranks of self-publishers and partnership publishers out there who claim they’re about helping authors get their books out into the world. But are they? … Continued

The Writing Need

It’s tame to call wanting to write a ‘passion’. It’s a need. When left unattended, writers say that they feel uneasy, or agitated. From my own experience, when I haven’t written for a while I begin suffering hypnagogic hallucinations. When it isn’t expressed, the writer’s voice – that voice inside our heads that needs to … Continued

Thinking Cinematically

[responsivevoice voice=”UK English Female” buttontext=”Listen to this”] Even if we’re aspiring novelists, movies and television serials can teach us a lot about structure, pacing, and character development. That’s because these facets are constants in storytelling, whatever the form that storytelling takes, e.g. writing movies, writing television, writing stageplays, writing novels, or writing short stories. But … Continued


I take immense pride in writing as a craft, so it annoys me when people trivialise it, consider it a shtick, or don’t take it as seriously as they should. Let me break down some of the things I’ve heard, the outlook some employ, and how they should actually be looking at it …   … Continued