Questions to ask a publisher

Are you looking for ways to publish your book? Does it feel like a minefield and you’ve heard lots of horror stories? Do your homework and it will be anxiety free, successful and fun! Here are some questions to ask a prospective publisher: Do you charge any fees to publish? If there are charges, the … Continued

The Distribution of the Future

Several weeks ago we blogged about The Publishing Landscape. Somebody commented that the benefit of traditional publishing is the distribution, so getting a 7.5% traditional publishing royalty of something is better than a 100% self-publishing royalty of nothing. This is an interesting statement. But is it still applicable in today’s landscape? Let’s break it down. … Continued

Grandmothers of The Literary and The Paternal Kind

English poet Elizabeth Barret Browning once wrote I look everywhere for grandmothers and see none. A writer of the Victorian era, she spoke out against the lack of a female literary tradition that would give women of that era the courage and inspiration to be writers. As a young woman living in the twenty-first century … Continued

What is a Writer?

When can someone say they’re a writer? On the surface this is a weird question because the answer can be at once obvious but also murky. Is it when they are published? Or can someone call themselves a writer if writing is something they love to do? This brings up its own set of questions. … Continued

Of Mentoring and Packages

There are lots of people out there offering fast, nasty mentoring packages. They’re fast, because the mentor wants the quickest turnaround possible, which inflates their bank account. And they’re nasty because, often, the mentor knows very little about writing, or the publishing industry – if anything, they know just enough to bluff their expertise. Usually, … Continued

Letter of a Self-Diagnosed Book Hoarder

In the age of Marie Kondo and Minimalism, is it time to throw out the paperbacks sitting untouched on the bookshelf?   I look over to the bookshelf sitting brazenly in the corner of my room. It’s far beyond full — good God, it’s overflowing! It’s littered with a mix of yellowing classics and freshly … Continued

Rediscovering Writing

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything longer than a paragraph. I thought it would feel unfamiliar, but it feels like coming home. My spontaneous hiatus from writing, reading and generally functioning is coming to a close, and I am feeling a hesitant kind of relief. Prior to my internship at Busybird, I had … Continued