Mystery of the Missing Female Detectives

A dead body found in an abandoned house, a missing child reappearing after 20 years, a murder on a train stuck in the snow. Mysteries, crimes and thrillers are my favourite books to seek out in bookshops. My shelves are slowly being overrun with these mystery novels. I have become addicted to clues and mysteries … Continued

Hurdles, Hope and COVID Era Publishing

We had a place, a designated café that we always used for interviews. Decent coffee, if not overpriced, with a trendy postgrad hangout vibe. It was February 2020, and my third year as an editor for Antithesis, the postgraduate arts and humanities journal for the University of Melbourne. After working my way up, I had … Continued

The Scratching of Pen Nibs

Review of the Winter Solstice Writing Retreat, June 2021 Kinglake, Victoria is surrounded by trees and national park. On the third weekend of June 2021, it was also shrouded in early-morning mist. If you had been passing through, beyond the cacophony of Sulphur-crested cockatoos and kookaburras, you may have heard the scratching of pen nibs … Continued

Authorial Voice

When editing, the line between improving and erasing authorial voice can be thin. An editor may find themselves curling their lip at an author’s prose, wanting to delete and start the manuscript over. The editor must set at least some of these feelings aside, remembering that they are there to improve, not to completely transform … Continued

Fan Fiction: Friend or Foe?

Your first reaction to the word is probably apathy or disgust. Fan fiction has a bit of reputation, and the writing of it isn’t particularly celebrated – for good reason. I write this, not to convince you that fan fiction is respectable, but to explain what fan fiction is (and can be) and why exactly … Continued

Busybird Creative Fellowship

The Busybird Fellowship is an initiative designed to help an emerging writer through their tentative steps into the industry, providing a mix of: actual cash ($500): always useful, whether it’s for those pesky supplies we need as writers (e.g. laptop, printer ink, paper, tea) or just to use to blow off some steam and experience … Continued

Writing to Reconnect

A few months ago, while walking a six-kilometre loop with my husband, Kev and Labrador, Oscar, a father and his two sons whizzed past us on their bikes. They were calling directions out to each other – let’s go down this dirt track – and I wondered if this was a usual activity for them … Continued