Open Mic Night

Busybird Publishing holds Open Mic Nights the third Wednesday of every month (excluding January and December).

Respecting the Craft

When talking to people at parties, usually one question is always asked: ‘What do you do?’ Now here’s how these conversations never turn out: Person #1: ‘I’m a brain surgeon.’ Person #2: ‘Really? I’ve got an idea for a brain surgery I’d like to try one day.’ Person #1: ‘I’m in bomb disposal.’ Person #2: … Continued


You sit down to write, your hands hovering over your keyboard. The day’s events tumble around in your head – issues and responsibilities that demand attention. A small voice tries to push its way through. You close your eyes to try hear it, to try grab it, and ride it through the maelstrom. There it … Continued

A Powerful Responsibility

Reviews are an everyday part of the creative landscape. And they come in all types: good, bad, indifferent, gushing, scathing, excited, cynical, etc. But in the end they generally fit into one of two categories: for and against – they’re for the work or against it. Unfortunately, sometimes those polarities can become tumults in their … Continued

The Fallacy of Inspiration

In his excellent memoir, On Writing, Stephen King compares writing a story to discovering an artefact – you discover the story idea, but it’s encased in mud and dirt, and it’s through writing and revision that you chip away all the muck to reveal as much of the story as possible. It’s a worthwhile analogy … Continued

The Story of YOU!

Something that’s often required of the writer is a bio. This might be needed to enter a competition, for an ‘About the Author’ page in a published book, or an ‘About Me’ section on a website. Yet, despite the writer knowing everything about their own life, and their writing journey and accomplishments, they struggle with … Continued

Get Reading

Busybird Publishing is always interested in trying to be socially conscious. Our anthologies were initially designed to give new and emerging writers exposure. Our books will usually give a portion of proceeds to a charity and/or foundation, and/or will help to raise awareness for a cause. We run workshops on photography, writing, and publishing, and … Continued

Are YOU a Writer?

Are you a writer? Do you feel instinctively that you’re a writer, that you want to write and share stories with a greater audience? That storytelling is intrinsically a part of who you are? That you can’t live without writing? That – whilst you might have another vocation (to pay the bills) – writing is … Continued