Fiction Masterclass

There is more to storytelling than just spilling your imagination onto the page. What is the three-act structure? How does structure compartmentalise a story? What is a structural map? There’s plotting and subplotting. And characters. What makes for an interesting character? What is an arc? What do readers expect from a character? What is pacing? … Continued

Writing in a time of unrest

This is not exactly the kind of editorial that I expected to write in 2020, or any time for that matter, but life has a way of throwing unexpected things at us. We have choices. We can react, throw our arms up in despair and moan about the harshness of life, be mean to each … Continued

Let Us Help You

Often, this blog is dedicated to writing fiction. This week, we’re going to look at writing nonfiction – specifically, books that are designed to showcase the author’s expertise and knowledge in a specific industry. Inexperienced writers think it’s easy. It’s no different to writing an autobiography – after all, all the material is there. Just … Continued


You sit down to write, your hands hovering over your keyboard. The day’s events tumble around in your head – issues and responsibilities that demand attention. A small voice tries to push its way through. You close your eyes to try hear it, to try grab it, and ride it through the maelstrom. There it … Continued

A 10-Step Process for Revision

How do you approach revision? Do you just sit down and trust your instincts? Do you just let whatever happens happen? The chances are if you have a haphazard approach, you’ll have haphazard results. When revising, you should have a plan. You should have a methodical approach that’ll cover all the requirements of the revision. … Continued

Breaking Down Content: Part II

In the last blog, we looked at breaking down content so that whatever message the content as a whole was intended to deliver – be that the plot of a novel, the biography of a subject, the information of a topic, or the guide of a self-help book – it did so logically, causally, and … Continued

The Measure of Success

What is the measure of success as a writer? If I could grant you success, what would your definition be? Everybody measures success differently, but here are some possible definitions: to have a bestseller: we’d all love that, wouldn’t we? To have our book appear on – for example – the New York Times bestseller … Continued