How do you keep a healthy body?

There are so many differing opinions about how to keep our body healthy and at peak performance. So many diets, so many physical activities to take part in.

How do you feel? Close your eyes and take a mental scan of your body. Are there aches and pains? Is your digestion a bit off today? Do you struggle to get started each day, moaning as you throw the covers back each morning?

Healthy Body features articles from ten non-competing professionals who explore the concept of a healthy body from their specific viewpoint, and offer tips and exercises on creating and maintaining good physical health.

These articles are meant to be simple, interesting and useful to you. No medical jargon or complex ideas that you have to decipher before you can use them. Healthy Body has something for everybody.

With a Foreword written by gold-medal paralympian Carole Cooke.

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