Sparrow Raven Owl
Project Management
Author support
Choose your book size
Library deposit
Cover design
Cover layout
Interior book design & layout
Full control of sales and royalties
Print on demand set up
YOU retain 100% rights
YOU retain 100% of your royalties
Copyediting of FULL manuscript
Choice of Gloss or Matte Cover
3D book image
Ebook creation
Image insertions/text treatment (up to 12 images you provide)
Book launch guide
Editorial assessment
Ebook set up for global sales
Press release
Author bio
Back Cover Blurb
Connection to bookshops
Connection to libraries
Connection to book publicist
Connection to book distributor
$3,500 $6,250 $9,650

Fees are calculated for manuscripts up to 50,000 words. Extra charges may apply for longer manuscripts.

Each package comes with one proof copy of your book.

Print runs are charged separately, as unit costs vary depending on the type of book produced.

However, we do not commit authors to unnecessary big print runs, and will often use
print-on-demand, printing only as many books as an author needs at any given time.

Please note: Almost all our authors will customise packages, choosing what they need from our wide range of services, and dismissing what they don’t. We use these packages as templates to give you an idea what we offer.