Busybird Publishing is a boutique micropublisher based in the heart of Montmorency, Victoria. We release a handful of our own titles yearly, and also have a self-publishing arm that has helped hundreds of authors bring their books into the world. We make no claims on rights or royalties.

Originally, Busybird Publishing started out as a design business way back in 1998. Over the years, we’ve evolved into a boutique publisher and now release a handful of our own titles yearly. If we could, we’d do nothing but work on and publish one book after another. Unfortunately, we’re also constrained by the realities of time and finances. Our nonfiction books usually have some altruistic intent to raise awareness for illnesses (such as cancer, CMT, and epilepsy), as well as funds for related foundations. After annually releasing fiction anthologies such as [untitlted] and page seventeen, we’re now starting to foray into novellas
(such as The Uncanny Love of Jimmy Panagakos) and, soon, novels.

We’ve also moved into self-publishing, helping prospective authors self-publish their books. Self-publishing no longer holds the stigma it once did, and is a viable alternative to other forms of publishing. Unlike submitting to a commercial publisher, or working with a partnership publisher, self-publishing gives you complete control of your product. Also, when you self-publish with Busybird, it’s important to note that we do not take any of your royalties, as partnership publishers would do. If you’re interested in self-publishing, or would like to talk about self-publishing, feel free to contact us for an obligation-free discussion about the process, as well as your project. It’s our goal to provide you a fun, educational, and rewarding experience, just as we’ve already done for hundreds of authors.

We also offer a range of individual services aimed at helping you bring your own project to fruition. Need illustration or photography? How about an assessment or an edit? Or maybe you’d like your book laid-out for printing, or converted into an ebook? Whatever the requirement, contact us to discuss the services we can offer at prices that are competitive. Also look out for our range of Events. We hold workshops in writing, editing, and photography; and hold a monthly Open Mic Night, where you can read your material for a live audience, or just come to watch some great readings.