Walking the Karrum Yallock

What Just Happened

The Covid-19 pandemic was one of the most disruptive forces we have experience for a millennium. What just happened, overviews the change on many levels the different things from school closures to social anxiety.  It discusses ideas around coping with this ‘new normal’. Predominantly as humans are social beings and being forced into periods of isolation when against a very nature has highlights a variety of issues for us as we emerge back into our communities. What just happened the new normal after COVID 19 is written as a resource, not therapy, over viewing ideas for coping.

Finding My Rainbow

Early Days: Greensborough and St. Helena

Intercultural Empathetic Competent Teaching

Here and There

When she started writing about her past in a class for the University of the Third Age in Bright, Jocelyn Dalton had no idea this would become a memoir of her life.

Featuring vignettes about her childhood, they are snapshots of England in the 1930s and 40s. Many of them are part of the rich stories she’d told her children and, later, grandchildren. It was with her grandchildren’s encouragement that these observations have become part of a fuller life story.

Typed out on the trusty “Little Lenovo” laptop, these excerpts became Here and There, the narrative of a strong and inspirational woman who grew up in a different country and a different time – a cheeky and adventurous child who made a career in teaching, found love when she thought she never would, and raised a family in a country far from her original home.

Here and There gives a rare insight into the experiences and challenges that shaped Jocelyn and her family over a span of eighty years.

Those who read Here and There will reap the benefit of her amazing memory and the dedication she showed tapping this out on her little red laptop, incorporating some of the words of her husband, Ted, with the aim that this would be shared with her family.

Joe Dolce Cooks

Joe Dolce is popularly known for the phenomenal international hit record of the 80s, Shaddap You Face, which was Number One in 12 countries, with hundreds of foreign language cover versions, including versions in the Western Australian aboriginal dialect of Indjibundgi and Papua New Guinean pidgin.

He has also been doing some serious cooking!

He was a featured guest, in 2005, on Lifestyle Cafe, on The Lifestyle Channel, preparing Turkish gözleme, and won first place in the 2007 Hepburn Springs-Daylesford Swiss-Italian Festival Best Pasta Sauce Competition, for a Basil-Chili Tomato Sauce, with Guanciale, Fennel Sausage & Kangaroo Braciole.

He was shortlisted for the 2020 Australian Photography: Photographer of the Year and he took the enticing food photographs for this cookbook.

For as Apicius once said:

‘The first taste is always with the eyes.’

Dolce Cooks At Home: Joe Dolce’s Most Loved Recipes is his first cookbook, compiled from over fifty years of home-cooking. Many of the recipes are from his Italian-American childhood but even more are from the stunning dishes of world cuisine that have influenced him over the years.

Inside you will find his grandmother’s Spaghetti and Meatballs, next to Indonesian Sop Buntut, North Vietnamese Bún Chả, Ethiopian Roast Lamb with 15 Berbere Spices, the National tri-coloured dish of Mexico: Chiles en Nogada, and American Soul Food brilliancies such as BBQ Ribs, Fried Green Tomatoes and Red Velvet Cake.

The Seeker and the Master