In March 2014, our own Kev Howlett trekked up to the Mount Everest Base Camp, taking photographs for a glorious full colour coffee table book entitled Walk With Me, which allows you to experience the expedition from the comfort of your own dining room, step by step, page by page.

A little about CMT


CMT – named after the doctors who discovered it: Charcot, Marie, Tooth – is a peripheral nerve degeneration, an an incurable and progressive condition not many have heard of, but one that Kev and Blaise’s son Dylan has. A promising footballer in his youth, Dylan has had to have both feet reconstructed, and now has impediments on distances he can walk and what he can do.

The goal of Walk With Me
Proceeds from Walk With Me go to CMTA Australia to help find a cure and raise awareness.

Kev’s expedition to Everest is fully self-funded. He has twenty-five years experience as a photographer, and he and Blaise both have over a decade of experience in design. They are committed to the labour of the book’s production.

But it was through the generosity of pledges that they were able to fund a print run.

This is not a glamorous endeavour aimed at profits, but improving quality of life for people with CMT, and raising public awareness.

Come, walk with Kev, up to Mount Everest Base Camp. It’s for a great cause.

If you’d like to know more about CMT or the association, please go here