Work Experience With Busybird Publishing

To all of the wonderful people reading this, working with Busybird Publishing has been one of the most rewarding experiences I could have ever wished for.

After applying to a small publisher for work experience, I was unsure of how my journey would span out.

Once accepted, I was greatly appreciative, yet still uneasy. Was I on the right path? Would I be better off somewhere else? What if I get bored? What if this isn’t the right opportunity to get a glimpse of the writing industry?

Well, I can say I was wrong – at the very least.

Upon walking into the creative atmosphere, I was greeted by a warm, furry smile. Oscar – the beautiful golden Labrador that remained glued to my side throughout the course of my job here. His excitement filled the air, and immediately comforted me.

At least there’s a cute, cuddly dog here, I thought.

But there was so much more.

After meeting my fellow dog companion (that begged me with puppy-dog eyes for a treat), I was welcomed by Kev and Les. Although their smiles were friendly, I was nervous. Still maintaining my previous concerns, and now feeling worried that I would be too inexperienced in an environment like this, Kev and Les assured me that there was no pressure, and that I was welcome to ask any questions that came into my mind.

Usually, when surrounded by adults in a working atmosphere, teenagers such as myself can feel inferior – like they don’t have a say, or are very underestimated. Not once, did I feel this way. Regardless of whether this be because of the childish pranks and dad jokes, or because of the kind souls that this business has, it made the biggest difference.

Jokes and laughter soon filled the air. As I became more and more accustomed to my surroundings, I knew that I could be myself – whether this be with a sarcastic comment or an expression of my “nerd[y]” characteristics, I was free to express my every thought. This is something that has been very important to me throughout my entire life. I love to talk to people, and I love to be myself. In environments that make you suppress that, I’m less than satisfied. This, however, was never the case.

During my short time at Busybird Publishing, I was able to learn more than what I could have imagined. I learnt skills and tips that were required to become an editor and writer, and that your job could be a fun place where you can act freely. To be in constant fits of laughter from all of Kev’s and Les’ jokes was amazing. Witnessing Oscar’s fiendish behaviour was entertaining. Meeting the multiple interns, clients, and other workers who came into Busybird was a blessing. All of these people (including my furry friend) have given me the advice, conversations, and experiences of a lifetime – ones that I will cherish and utilise forever.

Thank you, Busybird. Where chocolates, fake spiders, and music trivia is thrown in your direction, you made me feel like I was working with family. All of my doubts disappeared after one minute. I knew, and felt, that my choice was right. This will be something that I am eternally grateful for. My time shared on every interesting and entertaining story, person or animal was time well-spent. I hope to have the privilege of working with you again in the future.

And by the way, Les, the song playing when I finished this piece was “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks. There you go, I played the game.

Thank you,

Work Experience

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