Profile: Jake Triulcio

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Jake Triulcio, and I’m a fantasy fiction writer. Whenever I’m not writing my books I go for walks or play video games.

What draws you to writing?
It started out as a hobby, writing a random book. Eventually I found it was something I liked to do and wanted to turn it into a career. I would love to create fantastic worlds like I see in video games, anime and movies. That’s what really draws me to write.

So tell us about your book?
The Knight Dark Era Volume One is about a kingdom that was once plunged into a dark era one hundred years ago.

Word goes around about the resurrection of that era and the result of the resurrection will be decided by one adventurer.

The story starts off about a young man named Ghost, who wants to become an adventurer, and travel to the kingdom of Jalvan. Along with him is an immortal wizard who goes by the name Ore, who watches over him while keeping a secret about himself and Ghost.

Where did the idea come from?
The idea came to me from remembering an old game I used to play.

What’s the story you’re trying to tell?
I’m trying to tell a story of a young man going off to Jalvan city and becoming an adventurer.

Traveling with him is someone he sees as a trusting friend, though his friend is keeping something from him.

Along with that is the drama that would ensue in the kingdom.

And what do you hope your readers draw from your writing?
What I hope for is my readers will enjoy what I write down. Be drawn in by the characters and what secrets they and my world hold.

What’s your writing process?
Sometimes I write whatever comes to mind, but I do try and build a road map on my storyboard.

Constructing some key details like which character would tell the story from their point of view in each chapter, and split scenes in some chapters if I need to.

Tell us one thing about your book, or your writing process, that nobody else knows.
It’s a medieval fantasy novella, written like a manuscript.

What are you working on next?
I’m currently writing the second volume of this story.

When readers talk about you as an author, what do you hope they’re saying?
I hope they speak about what they enjoy from my book, along with any errors on my book that would help me change things and make them better for the second volume.

Any advice for other writers?
Write what comes to mind, or what gives you inspiration. See where it would lead.

Finally, do you want to promote your book (where people can buy it) or any events where you might be featuring?
My book is on Amazon. Also you can contact me directly from Facebook.

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