Here we are: 2017!

Check out our last blog post to see what we already have scheduled for the new year, but we’ll be releasing our full itinerary shortly, so keep in touch. As always, there’ll be lots of great workshops, functions, and opportunities. And, of course, we’ve got a few books in the works, too!

Think about what YOU want to do this year. What’ve you always wanted to do but never gotten around to? Or what have you been putting off? What’s that dream you’ve nurtured? We all have something that we haven’t gotten around to doing for whatever reason. What are you going to do to finally make this dream a reality?

You shouldn’t need the new year – and, thus, a new year’s resolution – to pursue what you’ve wanted. As a date, as a marker – your line in the sand – new year is this illusory thing in which you invest this importance, the significance that it’s going to represent change for you, and that from this point it’s all going to be different. But once you move away from the glamour of that occasion, your resolution also loses its lustre. That’s why so many resolutions burn bright initially, fade, and then extinguish. Don’t attach what YOU want to do to something transitory.

If you really wanted this change, shouldn’t you either enact it right now, or look into the possibilities of enacting it as soon as possible? Think about it this way: it’s 1st August. You suffer a heart attack and have a quintuple bypass. When you wake up, your doctor tells you that if you’re to have a long life, you need to quit your pack-a-day habit. What do you do? Do you sit there, thinking, Oh, I’ll do this – new year’s! It’ll be my new year’s resolution! And then puff obliviously away for the next four months (providing you last that long)? Or do you quit right then? Or, if you find it difficult just to quit like that, do you look into methods to help you achieve your objective?

Obviously, we all have varying degrees of responsibilities – jobs, taking care of a household, kids, and all sorts of things. We can’t just abandon everything. But we can find ways to nurture ourselves and try to fulfil what we want to do. Don’t wait, though. Don’t wait for a date to start. Don’t tell yourself you’ll get around to doing it.

Think about what you want to do.

And start to make it happen.

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