Book Writing Boot Camp

bookcamp-websiteHow many times have you heard someone say that they’re going to write a book? Or how long have YOU been saying that you’re going to do it? We talk to so many people here at Busybird Publishing who tell us this, then end the conversation with, ‘One day I’ll finish it’ or ‘I don’t know how to end it’ and the most common, ‘I don’t have the time’.

Most of these excuses are just because humans are prone to procrastinate. There are many reasons for this procrastination. They range from laziness, fear of failure, fear of success, laziness, having no plan, lack of passion, and laziness.

Our aim at Busybird is to help people get past these excuses and actually achieve something that they can be proud of. Writing and publishing a book is a huge achievement that is very doable, given the right tools. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to create. You might have a whole lot of poems in a drawer somewhere, you might have been jotting down bits and pieces for a fantasy novel, or you might want to share a passion for collecting teapots. There are any number of ways to tell a story but sometimes guidance is required to put it into a cohesive structure and to create a timeline so that the project doesn’t go on for ten years.

This is why we have created our Book Writing Boot Camp program. This is an intensive one-day event that will help you map out your idea, plan the writing (you want your story to be worth reading), plan the publishing (for self-publishing or submitting to publishers) and market the finished book.

Here’s a list of dates when Boot Camp will be held:

    Sunday 14 February – Geelong
    Saturday 27 February – Melbourne
    Saturday 5 March – Adelaide
    Saturday 19 March – Camberra
    Sunday April 17 – Mildura
    Saturday 7 May – Melbourne
    Saturday 18 June – Melbourne
    Tuesday 28 June – Tasmania

There will be no excuses after this. Get your hiking boots on!

Blaise van Hecke
The Book Chick

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