Hear Ye, Hear Ye…

file000234693144You’ve been waiting for it.

I’ve been waiting for it.

Heck, maybe the whole universe has been waiting for it. Let’s not undersell this.

page seventeen is open for submissions as of today. As of right now.

Now, for the one heckler in the back that just yelled ‘so what?’ I’m going to take a deep breath and quickly summarise.

As of April 15, all our submission windows are open to determine the content in Issue 11:

  • General submissions: short stories up to 5000 words, poems up to 100 lines and pitches for non-fiction pieces. (More info and submit here)
  • Prose competitions: short stories up to 3000 words, poems up to 100 lines. (More info and submit here)
  • Cover competition: photos and digital art in the running to be used as the next issue’s front cover art. (More info and submit here)

We’ll be taking all submissions from now until June 30. That’s just over ten weeks for you to submit your work and potentially be included in page seventeen’s eleventh issue. Which, incidentally, will also be released as an ebook – meaning more readers than ever will see your name in the contents.

And, it’s also my pleasure to announce the judges for this year’s competitions!

The short story judge is Emilie Collyer, two-time Scarlet Stiletto Award winner with short stories appearing in many of Melbourne’s top literary journals. (http://www.betweenthecracks.net/)

The poetry judge is Ashley Capes, long-time friend and poetry editor of P17 and prominent Victorian poet. (http://ashleycapes.com/)

The cover comp judge is Kev Howlett, resident Busybird illustrator and artist.

Now, as the trumpets die down and the cheap paper steamers stuck across the archways peel away from their masking tape, some of you might be looking for hints about what we’re after in the submissions. What content will grab our attention the most? What themes will get the most attention?

Sorry. I can’t quite make it that easy for you. Our issues aren’t themed and have tackled a wide variety of content in the past.

What I can say, is that we love new ideas and fresh voices. Challenge yourself. Take a risk or two. We’ve always encouraged emerging writers to consider submitting to page seventeen, and we have a proud tradition of being the first publication for many emerging authors and poets. We want writing that bleeds passion and enthusiasm – whether the content is happy, grim or just delightfully off-beat.

To everyone submitting: good luck. Say hi at our Facebook page or on our Twitter feed, or send any queries through to pageseventeen@busybird.com.au.

And with that, the wait is over. The production of Issue 11 has officially begun.

Beau Hillier | Editor, page seventeen

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