The Walk With Me Project

walkwithmeWe like to think we have a social conscience here at Busybird Publishing. More than that, we try to imbue many of our projects with an altruistic outcome.

The purpose of our children’s book Who is a Cheeky Monkey? (as well as the accompanying puppet who could be purchased) was to raise awareness for Destiny Rescue, an organisation that saves girls from sex trafficking. All proceeds from Cheeky Monkey – written by our own Blaise van Hecke, and illustrated by Kev Howlett – went to Destiny Rescue.

The thought behind Journey: Experiences with Breast Cancer was to raise awareness for breast cancer and provide an insight into what people experiencing breast cancer (either themselves, or as family or friends of somebody with breast cancer) go through. Again, a portion of proceeds went to BreaCan, as well as to WHOW (Women Helping Other Women).

We’re currently also working on a companion book to Journey, which will actually feature experiences with prostate cancer. The book has the same intent as Journey (to raise awareness, provide insight) and a portion of proceeds will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Now we’re working on something even closer to our hearts: Walk With Me.

In March, our own Kev Howlett will be trekking up to Mount Everest Base Camp. A photographer with over twenty-five years experience in the industry, Kev will be taking pictures for a glorious, full colour coffee table book. The aim behind the book is to raise funds to donate to CMTA Australia, as well help raise awareness of CMT.

Dylan's foot after surgery
Dylan’s foot after surgery
CMT – named after the doctors who discovered it: Charcot, Marie, Tooth – is an incurable condition that involves progressive peripheral nerve degeneration. It’s also a condition that Blaise and Kev’s son, Dylan, has. Dylan has had to have both feet reconstructed (painful surgery that involved wiring the toes straight) to mitigate severe clawing that CMT caused. He now has limits on how far he can walk and what he can do.

We will be financing the bulk of Walk With Me. Kev is funding the Mount Everest expedition entirely from his own pocket. We are invested in the labour behind putting Walk With Me together – everything involved in book production, from editing, to layout, to proofing. The breakdown looks like this:

      $600 – Gear
      $900 – Airfare
    $2400 – Trek
    $2500 – Design/Layout of book
    $2500 – Printing of 100 books
    $8400 – Total project cost

What we’re asking for are pledges through our Pozible page to help with the first print run. Once the first print run has sold, that will fund a second print run.

Pledges also contain certain rewards:

    A$5 + Reward
    Your name will appear in the book as a supporter.

    A$10 + Reward
    A personal, signed print of a photograph from the trek, plus your name in the book as supporter.

    A$25 + Reward
    A signed photograph from the trek, plus a set of postcards of the best images from the trek and your name in the book as supporter.

    A$50 + Reward
    A copy of the coffee table book, Walk With Me, signed by Kev. Plus your name in the book as supporter.

    A$100 + Reward
    A signed copy of Walk With Me, a set of postcards of the best images and a signed photograph. As well as your name in the book as supporter.

    A$250 + Reward
    You will have your business logo printed in the book, as well as any other promotional material to show that you have pledged support. You will also receive a signed copy of the book.

    A$500 + Reward
    You are awesome! You will get your name in the book as a supporter, a signed copy of the book, Walk With Me, and a photographic gift voucher to the value of $450. You can use this for personal or business ventures but must be located in metro Melbourne.

So please help us out with a very worthwhile cause.

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