The Right Tools

How many of you out there have a favourite pen to write with? Any type of art form (writing, painting, photography) has tools available to create the art. And some of us get a little OCD about our tools. I like a particular pen with a particular type of lined paper. The lines can’t be too bold and the paper needs to be smooth. I’ll search through shops for the perfect notebook and I have a good collection of them scattered around the house.

Same goes with a camera. The body of the camera needs to have a certain weight and feel in my hands. Despite the iPhone having a very good camera, I can’t seem to manage very good photos with it and I think it’s because, to me, it doesn’t have that camera feel. And yet, Kev can produce top quality shots every time. In fact, you’d be amazed that they’ve been taken on an iPhone.

So what’s my point, you may ask?

Surround yourself with the best tools to suit the way you work. Be indulgent. Don’t hold back when you create the best conditions to help you produce the best work ever. If this means searching the country for the perfect notebook or hanging onto that old camera for sentimental reasons or if you like to burn essential oils while you work. Do it.

Creating art is as important as having the finished product. This creation is a journey in itself. And if your tools aren’t doing it for you, then get cracking and experiment with them. Go to workshops, join a writing group, go on an expedition. Take an art class, ask questions, explore.

The world is waiting …


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  1. Completely agree, Blaise! Amazing what can happen in my favourite notebook compared to an old scrap of paper. Fussy lot aren’t we! (P.S. I just read the Monty Community News and clicked through to your site… I’m a local too,… Will have to pop in and check out the new gallery space!)

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