Life Happens No Matter What


You might wonder why you’re looking at a goat … Meet Ernest. There’s only one reason why Ernest is in this post, and that’s because the picture makes me smile. We’ve been a bit sad here at Busybird over the past few weeks. We’ve had to farewell two special ladies who had their lives cut much too short.

Tracy was a contributing author to our [untitled] anthology, as well as  partner to Mal who is one of our early team members. We are saddened by this loss because Tracy leaves so much behind and many more pages to write.

And then there was Christine (sister-in-law to our chief editor) who was a HUGE supporter of everything we did and one of the two people who inspired us to publish Journey: Experiences with Breast Cancer. Both these ladies will be greatly missed.

So why the gloomy post?

It’s times like these that allow us to reflect on our own lives, how we live with others, what we are doing with the short time we have on earth in this life. It’s also a chance to look at how grief and reflection can shape our own selves and find some way to make sense of things. This is where writing, art, music can help to heal our soul.

As my sister-in-law says, ‘Savagely make it count.’


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  1. Beautiful post! It is important to honour people and acknowledge their contribution. May both women continue to be remembered and honored.

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