Stories needs good composition

No matter how you tell a story, the structure is very important. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules but for the most part you will engage a person if you can give them great details that draws them in.

Even the simplest story, like the one here of the sugar bowl, can create interest. You need to create a sensory feeling with your light and angles so that the viewer is drawn into the picture and is tempted to linger on it for more than a fleeting second.

So what helps create good structure in imagery? Two most important elements are lighting and angle. Have a think about what this might look at if it was taken straight on. Because of the 45 degree angle on the board, the eye is drawn in from the bottom and up to the sugar bowl. The angled light shows texture in the grains of the sugar, allowing the viewer to almost feel the texture.

Like any good story, whether written or illustrated,  light and shade make for interesting imagery. Try to think of all the senses and incorporate more than one of them into your work.

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