Stories everywhere

By simply living we are creating our own story. Much of it will be boring to recount when we come to the end of it but there will also be thoughts, feelings, things learned and interesting events that are worth leaving behind. So how can we work out what to tell and what to leave out?

I don’t know about you but I’m not really interested in what you had for breakfast or the fact that you are drinking a coffee at a local cafe as so many people might post on Facebook. But others might be. That’s the thing. It’s all subjective. That whole one man’s trash is another man’s treasure thing.

That means that you shouldn’t tell a story that you think other people will enjoy. You should tell a story that you enjoy because there’s bound to be another person who also likes it. The clue is to make the way you tell it interesting. The devil is in the details (apologies for cliche). So to be a good storyteller, you need to give it a good angle. You need to have your eyes open to the world and suck up every ounce of information. Just be observant. Go people watching. Go smell roses. Write down anything that spikes your interest. See shapes in the clouds.

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