The Power of Self-Publishing


Self-publishing a book is very empowering. With less than ten percent of work that is submitted to traditional publishers being published, it’s any wonder that writers keep going. We find that for the average 200 submissions that we get for each issue of [untitled], that we only publish about a dozen. This isn’t because what we receive is bad writing, it just isn’t of the ¬†standard that we can work with.

This is why we are very passionate about helping people to realise their dream of being published and to eradicate that 80s stigma of ‘vanity’ publishing. Any writing has an element ¬†of vanity or ego. Why else would a person spend so much time working at it and suffering the rejection that essentially is the life of a writer? (remember there’s 90 percent-ish being rejected). But there is also an element of wanting to find the truth in the writing and sharing it with the world, whether it is fact or fiction.

For us, there is great satisfaction of working through a project with a writer, helping with the editing or putting it together in preparation for printing, and being there with them when they realise their dream. For us, the aha moment is when we’re at the launch and the author is sitting at the ‘signing’ table with a stack of their books and a huge grin on their faces.

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