Taking Flight

Busybird has been all over the place in the last few weeks and while we might have wings, it’s good to be home and take time out to get grounded again. So, what have we been doing? [untitled] issue five has its own wings now that we’ve released it into the wild. For any of you 40 or so people who already have a copy, we’d love to hear what you think. Personally we believe that Australia has some awesome new writers out there and this issue continues to prove just that. We’ll be at the Emerging Writers’ Festival this coming Sunday to continue our work in advocating new and emerging writers. We’ll be in the Atrium of Federation Square as part of the Page Parlour.

Kev and I were up at Mildura last week where we had the honour of hanging out with 21 up and coming talented writers at a writers’ camp. What a blast to spend a few days with year 7-10 students with such an abundance of talent and a willingness to work hard at stories, songs, poems and drawing.

While we were there, we penned a song for Cheeky Monkey and tortured the kids with our singing! Our apologies to the school counsellor who’ll have to pick up the pieces after that.

In June, Les Zig and Blaise van Hecke will be running an intensive weekend workshop for writers wanting to polish up their work ready to submit to publishers, or for those wanting to self-publish. Check out the details here. Who said that winter was a time for hibernation!

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