Let’s Get Published!

It’s true, isn’t it, that there are things that happen in our lives that would seem unbelievable if we read them in a book? So when we write some of ourselves into our stories, we actually have to sometimes leave those details out. But how can you tell if the things you write (experience or imagination) are believable?

The best resource any writer has is someone they trust to read their work. Someone who has a good idea about what makes a good story (fiction or non-fiction). NOT someone in your family, or a friend, who will tell you useless things like, ‘Yeah, it’s good,’ or ‘It’s got too many big words.’

Your reader doesn’t necessarily have to be another writer but someone who reads a lot. Their experience from reading will inform them about language, pace and grammar.

Once you feel ready to send out your short stories or novels, what do you do with them? Writers Victoria is a great resource (as are writing centres in every state). There are competitions and opportunities available to anyone to ask about. Then there’s the Australian Writers’ Marketplace, which is a great resource for finding agents, editors, publishers and other writing services.

Busybird is a big advocate for new and emerging writers. We already publish two journals, page seventeen and [untitled] that are great places to start. But if these journals aren’t fitting your goals, or you’re not even sure if you’re on the right track, check out our workshops and Let’s Get Published!

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