Almost there!

There’s something very daunting about publishing a book. So much time and effort goes into making it, then it’s time to send it out into the world. And we have been busy. Suddenly, we have two books about to be launched, so February is going to be very busy. And I’m so excited!

Tomorrow, the guys and girls at McPherson’s Print Group will open up my package, which contains the proofs for Journey and Who is a Cheeky Monkey? These proofs have been checked and rechecked but I cannot believe how nervous I feel about them being perfect. Mind you, I have Les Zig looking over my shoulder and he doesn’t really let me get away with anything. ‘There’s a full stop missing there …’ And as much as I grizzle at him at that moment when I want to put stuff in the ‘done’ tray, I know that I’m going to be happier with the end result.

Now we wait for the first printed proofs and hold our breath …


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