And so another year …

On Christmas Day, after spending a great time with family, we decided to head home early because of the weather. I imagined arriving home to a floating bedroom. But the drive home was more exciting and was very much like out of an apocalyptic movie (but without the Zombie’s! said my youngest son).

Of course, the writer in me has stored all that information away. As we continued driving home (a ten minute drive took forty five because of flooding) I imagined what we would do if this really was a catastrophe. And then, when we arrived home to soggy carpet, I decided that we own too much crap and I have resolved to declutter my life.

Is that a New Year resolution? Well, yes, it’s part of my resolution. Top of my list is to write more, as it is EVERY single year. But in this coming year, 2012 (there’s something about the number that elicits calmness over me) I do resolve to write more and to play more.

What will you promise for YOURSELF?

Happy New Year to all and may 2012 (The National Year of Reading) be one of great adventure.

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