Restocking the Well

We MUST trust the universe. Lately there have been many opportunities for us to take on more work and because there’s always the fear that if we say ‘No’ it will dry up, we continually say ‘Yes’. Problem with that is that there is the danger of only ever doing work and not taking time out to play.

So, over the last few weeks, all we’ve been doing is work. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like my creative self has disappeared. The well has dried up. All of a sudden I sit down to write a simple blurb for a website and there’s nothing forming in the cotton wool of my brain.

Maybe it was the beautiful spring weather, or maybe my spirit just declared war but yesterday I took the dog for a walk and for the rest of the day did what I felt like doing. Well, within reason. I still had to feed kids, do a bit of washing. Other than that, Kev and I went to the bookshop for inspiration, then a local gallery, the light factory, and the Tea House for tea and scones.

Now the well has been replenished. And guess what? The work was still waiting for me when I got back to the computer and I managed to write something half decent.


2 responses to “Restocking the Well

  1. A very worthwhile blog, Blaise. And if I may add to this: By living the way you have described not only do we get drained but our creativity diminishes. You have refered to it in a way. But equally appaling: We don’t take stock of what we are doing. We don’t step back and check our premisis, a bit like the painter steps back to assess his painting in progress.


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