Sunday Words

There’s something about spending a Sunday afternoon in conversation with writers about writing and ideas. Today, I was lucky enough to hang out with Penni Russon and Karen Andrews at the Eltham library to talk about Penni’s latest book, ‘Almost Ever Always’.

It was a launch, of sorts. The official launch was a few weeks back but I thought it fitting that we have something local to help Penni give the local people a chance to share in celebrating the publication of her ninth book. Not a bad thing to do on a lovely spring afternoon with a cuppa and some choccie biscuits.

So, the book … I’m still only half-way through the book, but so far I’m really enjoying it. Penni has created a broken land that feels at times from long ago but at the same time far into the future. She gave a little hint in the conversation that she took inspiration from the movie Labyrinth.

And it’s true that this book cannot be classified as simply as we’d like. It’s much easier to shelve books when we can say this is fiction or this is YA but ‘Almost Ever Always’ really is a cross-over novel and I’d recommend both YAs and adults to read it.

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