Busy Busy

I had planned to write here more often but i’ve been busy going to writing festivals and dealing with sick computers. They sound like writerly occupations, don’t they?

The Byron Bay Writers’ Festival was fantastic. Exactly the right medicine to get the creative juices flowing and to think about what it means to me when people are panicking about the so-called death of the book. Personally, I don’t think that the book will die. It will sit nicely alongside ebooks and everyone will get along. I was very impressed with a panel of women from Smashwords. They are taking the future into their own hands and embracing both traditional publishing and epublishing. And they aren’t young chicks who have grown up with computers. They’ve just realised that epublishing is part of the future.

There were some at the festival who seem to think that the way things were are better and that those of us who think we can write don’t count! I won’t name any names, it doesn’t really matter. These people will just have to get with the times.

So, my brain has really been ticking and as much as I am in love with the real book, I can see the benefits of an ebook and I will embrace it.

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