Your Voice Matters

When you read, you hear the narrative in your head. The voice you hear won’t be the idealised version of your own – you know the one you hear in your head when you’re rehearsing what you’re going to say to somebody? Like if you’re preparing for an argument with an internet provider, or a … Continued

Respecting the Craft

When talking to people at parties, usually one question is always asked: ‘What do you do?’ Now here’s how these conversations never turn out: Person #1: ‘I’m a brain surgeon.’ Person #2: ‘Really? I’ve got an idea for a brain surgery I’d like to try one day.’ Person #1: ‘I’m in bomb disposal.’ Person #2: … Continued

Finding Authenticity

It’s not unusual to hear of actors who gain weight to play a larger character. Or for them to intensely research a role. Or that they won’t break character, even when not filming. More than just playing that part, they want to be that character. In that case, they’re not acting. They live the role. … Continued

Thinking Cinematically

[responsivevoice voice=”UK English Female” buttontext=”Listen to this”] Even if we’re aspiring novelists, movies and television serials can teach us a lot about structure, pacing, and character development. That’s because these facets are constants in storytelling, whatever the form that storytelling takes, e.g. writing movies, writing television, writing stageplays, writing novels, or writing short stories. But … Continued

The Guide to Writing Coaching Books – Part 1 of 3

There is no formula for writing a book that works for everybody, although there are templates that tell you that a book should be X chapters, include a bonus chapter, contain these and those appendices, and each chapter should contain roughly 2,500 words, accumulating to a total of roughly forty to fifty thousand words. What … Continued

The Magic 8

I’ve edited all sorts of books. And I’ve dealt with all sorts of authors. Like any good editor, I’ve had to adjust my approach depending on what and who I’m editing – that’s part of the skill-set: reading my author and finding the best way to connect with them, and working out the sort of … Continued

[untitled] is back!

Hey, writers, Klurisa here, the new chief editor of [untitled], letting you know [untitled] is back! (Whoah! – the crowd goes wild). Oh! I love a great short story. Don’t you? Some of my favourite reads are short stories. And, honestly, I’m not swayed by genre. I love all sorts, from horror to romance, sci-fi to fantasy, … Continued

The Differences Between Writing Prose and Writing Screenplays

Lots of authors are interested in adapting their novels into screenplays. These authors usually fall into one of two categories: they have no idea how to do this they think they can just translate their prose into script format. For writers who’ve never had no experience in writing screenplays, it’s better to be clueless than … Continued